Dashboard Re-Design for Field Vantage 2.0

Program Overview .

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This project was undertaken, to re-define the UX for Field Vantage web application. As part of execution, a series of user interviews, stakeholders interview where conducted, to understand and know more about pain points with the current application.

I was involved in the interviews along with fellow user researchers and ux designers. One of the common pain point among several users was, they wanted to have summary kind of page, where they can find all the minimal set of information, before they navigate to a particular page. This lead us to think of a new dashboard for Field Vantage.

Must haves on Dashboard

  • A summary of all the KPIs[Key Performance Information], which should have information related to wells, cases, reports, advisories and etc.,
  • A way to navigate to well, if needed.
  • The user should be able to configure the dashboard, according to their needs.
  • A help / support section, which would help them for reference, if needed.

Ideation – Based on the user pain points Line separator

  • Ideation1

This shows a glimpse of all the KPIs, and a list view which the user can utilize to navigate to a specific well.

Ideation - Dashboard with KPIs
Ideation – Dashboard with KPIs
  • Ideation2