Patient Simulator Mobile App

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Develop an interface, to configure and test the Bed side monitors with a mobile App

  • Easy to operate with little or no prior training
  • Clear color coding for distinguishing the parameters and setting the limit values

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  • Interview the Lab technicians to understand the problem and derive the use cases.
  • Produce paper and click-through user interface design prototypes using Axure RP.
  • Create user persona as per the user requirements.
  • Manage user evaluations (usability testing), and also produce all required media resources (icons, diagrams). Assist software engineers with UI implementation (screen layouts).

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To fulfill the easy to operate requirement a color touch screen user interface was developed which is comprised of menu selection screens and color coding for making the user comfortable in selecting the required parameter.

Paper Prototype

  • Phase 1 – Problem elaboration
Patient Simulator Initial Discussion
Patient Simulator Initial Discussion

Mockup scenario of the Lab technician and the simulator.

  • Phase 2 – Prototype solution to the problem
Patient Simulator prototype
Patient Simulator prototype

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Wire Frames for all screens
Wire Frames for all screens
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The Lab Technicians can now Start/Stop the test remotely even when performing other tests in another lab.

Patient Simulator Screen Flow
Patient Simulator Screen Flow

Tool set  .  Line separator
  1. Axure Rp
  2. Balsamiq