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I was one of the UX designers in the project. The Patient data interface module was assigned to me. As part of the user experience design work, I have done the below tasks.

  • Meet the clinicians to discuss and understand, what they are expecting from the application. And to create the user persona as per the user requirements and the findings.
  • Generate low-fidelity paper prototypes for drafting the initial design.
  • Participate in brain storming sessions with the co-workers for finalizing the design and update the UI as per comments.
  • Produce paper and click-through user interface design prototypes using Axure RP.
  • Collaborate with software engineers on UI implementation and educate them on the User Interface.
Use Environment

Labs, and clinical environments

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Develop an interface, to configure the test scenarios with the following requirements:

  • Easy to operate with little or no prior training
  • Requiring minimal maintenance and maintenance that is easy to perform

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The Clinicians now can easily check the patient details using the new UI, and can use the on screen keyboard to make changes to the Patient data.

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Patient Data snapshot
Patient Data snapshot