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Feature StoryLine separator

Design Dashboard widgets for Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP), to showcase the Pump curve with latest and historic representation of the plots. This would be like a summary page widget, which helps the GE oil & gas users, field engineers to decide if they want to do any further analysis.

Must haves on the widget

  • Curves for different parameters with easily distinguishable colors
  • Indicators for Best efficiency points, Current operating frequency, etc.,

 My Role   Line separator

    • Brainstorm with Product Owners, User representatives to understand the problem statement and identify the different user scenarios.
    • Design wireframes, have design walk thru with user representatives to get the reviews, and implement the suggested changes.
    • Also, get the review from Ux group to make the design crisp and clean.
    • Maintain the brand styling without affecting the feature requirements.
    • Provide the UX specifications, to hand-off the design, interactions to the development team.
    • Educate the developers, to help them understand the screen flow for different scenarios.

Design Files – UX and NotesLine separator

The design showcasing different curves, legends to identify the ui elements and , pills(buttons) to switch between two views.

Design Files

Visual specifications – Margins, SpacingLine separator

The below snapshots details the widget dimensions, spacing and margins at each level.

Interactions, Pixels, Fonts and ColorsLine separator

UX specifications pertaining to each UI element, in terms of pixel details, color and font. This helps the developers to larger extent in defining the UI.

Tool set  .  Line separator
  1. SketchApp
  2. Craft Plugin
  3. InVision App – Design Collaboration, Review and Initial Usability test