Tag Mapping for Field Vantage 1.0

Problem Statement

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Each oil well could be connected to different devices, and each device may have hundreds of sensors, which are  also called as Read types, as data is read from these sensors. And most of these Read types will have same functionality, but are referenced with different names. To handle same Read types with different names, it would turn out in to a huge maintenance for a GE engineer as he/she has to work with tons of sensor data.

To simplify the process a new design approach was designed based on the user conversations and the new way of calling these Read Types as Tags, which would have a Standard Tag Name and all the common Read types will be linked to the standard name.

This approach also helps the GE engineers in selecting the Tags for perform analysis, and adding the Tags to the dashboard to view/edit the KPI values.

 My Role .Line separator

  • Brainstorm with Product Owners, User representatives to understand
  • the problem statement and identify the different user scenarios.
  • Deep dive in to the current system and understand how the entire system is connected to these Read types.
  • Work with domain experts to derive the simplified Tag mechanism.
  • Get the initial process flow, mockups and review the design to address any missing pieces in the new design.
  • Provide the UX specifications, to hand-off the design, interactions to the development team.
  • Work with TPMs to get the user stories defined before the development cycle is started.
  • Educate the user representatives, developers and testing team, to help them understand the screen flow for different scenarios.

Process Flow

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  • Defined process flow before starting the design work.

Tap Mapping Process Flow

Research & Gathering InformationLine separator

  • White-boarding with subject matter experts (SME), to dwell in to the details of each scenario.
  • Understand the user concerns, interacting with user representatives.

white boarding

UX, Interactions and notesLine separator

  • With the dashboard design, the user would be comfortable in locating the oil wells , power usage(indicated by circles for different power levels), electric lines and area coverage.

initial screen

Tool setLine separator

  • Omni Graffle
  • Balsamiq