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This application is primarily focused on Patient monitoring, and the parameters like ECG, RESP, TEMP, IBP, NIBP, SpO2 and Specialty modules data is collected from the bed side monitors, connected to different patients in a particular unit. The collected data includes Numeric’s, Waveforms, Vitals, and Alarms related to different patients. This setup is used by the Head Nurse of a unit, to monitor and facilitate the assistance to patients.


The patient’s data shall be segregated and displayed in different patient zones in Xhibit Central in a well defined pattern. The parameters shall have different color coding, and the patient zone shall be filled with parameter details.

 My Role
  • Meet the stake holders and understand the product requirements and to learn more about end users.
  • Create wire frames and prototypes for presenting the data in much understandable pattern.
  • Design the controls and layouts to present the data, considering the User perspectives and motives.

I can’t provide all the snapshots of my work, as I have signed an NDA. The below process and snapshots gives a glimpse of my work.

The Design work flowLine separator

  • Paper prototypes

     Presented the idea to the stake holders, and had few brainstorming sessions with other UX/UI specialists to finalize the design.

  • Patient Zone mockup
    Patient Zone mockup

    Wire Frames

The patient zone details are indicated with labels for better visual understanding.Patient zone wireframe

ECG and TEMP patient zone wire frames

 Visual DesignLine separator

The color coding and dark background is selected, in order to display the patient data in a crisp and clear format. The text and numeric font styles are selected, to match the User Interface with legacy bedside monitor display format.

Xhibit Visual Design
Xhibit Visual Design